On June 26, 2018  the ceremony of signing of the Agreement on carrying out 53rd International Children's Games in Ufa in 2019 was held in municipality.  Irek Yalalov the head of administration of city district  of Ufa  and Torsten Rasch the President of Committee of the International childish sports  put their signatures under the document.

Torsten Rasch the president of Committee of the International Children's Games  and Richard Smith general secretary of the International Children's Games  arrived in the capital of Bashkortostan once again to make certain   that Ufa fulfills the obligations and the city prepares for carrying out in 2019 of the 53rd Summer International Children's Games.

According to the Agreement, within the powers the City administration of Ufa undertakes to adhere to provisions and to follow ideals of the Olympic Movement and the International Childrn's Games, to provide all necessary conditions for competitions at the high organizational level in the spirit of fair competition and fellowship, to create the favorable and friendly atmosphere for participants of competitions and city visitors and also to organize information maintenance of games for involvement of residents of Ufa and the Republic of Bashkortostan to participation as fans and volunteers; to propagandize sport, healthy lifestyle among youth.

Besides, the municipality undertakes obligations to use the 53rd Games to create new opportunities for youth and to render assistance to development and advance the International  Children's Games of 2019 as the base for childish sports worldwide.

The committee of the International Children's Games, in  it's turn, undertakes to render to Administration of Ufa necessary information and organizational support.