Ufa is not just a city with a rich cultural heritage and green parks – it is also a recreation center for both natives and guests of Bashkortostan, where everyone can choose any activity they like.

Ufa natives and guests who enjoy equestrian sport should visit the “Akbusat” racecourse – modern universal equestrian center where you can ride a horse or visit horse races at any time of the year. Other water attractions include an a water park in the “Planeta” shopping mall. – the complex includes twelve water slides, water attractions.

Should you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, visiting a national Russian sauna may prove to be an interesting leisure activity – where Russians, honoring the folk tradition, go to bathe, steam and talk. Bashkortostan is also known for its sanatoriums, combining the best of modern medicine and special local rehabilitation methods: koumiss-therapy, herbal medicine, treatment with the Bashkir honey and mineral water from local healing springs. Two of these sanatoriums are located within the city limits, in the “Zelenaya Rosha” and “Raduga” districts, welcoming their guests to stay for a few weeks or just a couple of days.

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